Vibhas Trust - An Introduction

        Vibhas trust, was established by erstwhile ruler of Devgad Baria state Shrimat Maharaja Jaideepsinghji of Baria, with basic  aim to improve standard of living of people of Baria and surrounding, especially “Adivasies” (i.e. Schedule Tribe), in the year 1971. It is registered under Bomabay Public Charitable Trust Act, with registration no Pms/E/267. Currently it is managed by Smt. Urvashideviji belonging to royal family of Baria. It is very well known fact that the royal family had made many generous donations, established institutions for educational and social reforms and had given their lives and efforts to improve lives of people of Baria. Now, into 21st century while the trust has seen over 35 year, we see that there is need to concentrate on real basic things.


        We situated in tribal district of Dahod, have opportunities to observe and learn what the real issues of region are, giving Adivasies (S.T.) of the region a real change to stay in fight for living. The real problem arising out from the district of Dahod is migration. It is very clear that the reason behind that is lack of opportunities. There are no big industries available in the region, there is very low literacy rate opportunities in other competitive sector are confined, there is no assurance of rain and agriculture is more nature dependent, with no major irrigation schemes, thus it is very clear that we need to provide a concrete solution to solve the problem of migration.


        There is one other aspect of migration, there exists a tribal culture which is special to itself. In no other tribal region you find specific similarities in their rites and rituals. The migration towards cities not only make Adivisies lost their homes but their culture, which is a bigger problem in our eyes. The indigenousness of the region is being gradually lost. The examples are the Mela of Dussherah, which just a decade ago would have forty thousand astatines now hardly ten thousand appears to be on canvas.


    Education has been our thrust area. We are firm believers that "Education Empowers." We have taken mission spread education which enables one to find a job and thus empowers him/her economically as well as socially by gaining good position in society.


        We have for last 35 years, created opportunities and have created resources that certainly helped to improve lives of  Adavasies of the region. We for last 35 years have changed lives of thousands from tribal community, giving them extra to rejoice their lives and improve their standard of living.